10 Simple Steps To Homeownership









1. Get Pre-Approved

You will get a full evaluation of your employment, income, and credit to determine how much you can afford and which type of mortgage options the best for you.

2. Find the right home

With access to MLS we will work with you and assist you in finding a home that is perfect for you

3. Make an offer and get it accepted

We have the experience and relationships in the industry to get your deal accepted.  

4. Getting a home inspection

While it’s not a requirement a home inspection is important to determine the condition of the home and also gives you a forecast of work that may need to be done in the future.

5. Sign Contracts

Once your offer is accepted the seller's attorney will send your attorney sales contracts. He/she will review them and set up an appointment for you to come in and sign. This is also when you will give you down payment. Once you and the seller signs than you are fully in contract!

6. Apply for your mortgage

It’s now time to apply for your mortgage. By now you have all your documentation which you will hand to your loan officer at the time of application.

7. Get your approval

Once the bank reviews your mortgage application they will issue you and mortgage approval. It will usually have some additional documentation needed before actually closing such as updated documents, explanations, homeowners insurance etc.

8. Give any final documentation and conditions to the bank

Once you hand in all the conditions that is on your mortgage approval you will be "clear to close" meaning you have satisfied everything the bank needed and you are ready to close

9. Schedule your closing with you attorney

You will speak to your attorney who will coordinate a day and time for closing that works for all parties. 

10. Closing!!!

Prior to closing you will go see the home with your realtor for once last walk through. At closing you will sign off on all needed documentation and you will walk out with a key to your new home!